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Located in West Surabaya, Indonesia, Merlion School offers both Singapore and Cambridge curriculums. Merlion provides international standard education from Toddler to Pre-University. The Preschool uses the Singapore and Taiwan curriculums while the Primary, Secondary and Pre-University divisions use the Cambridge curriculum.

Merlion School was licensed as an SPK school in 2014. We are proud to announce that the school was SPK licensed for all divisions, from Nursery through to Pre-University.


What is SPK? SPK stands for Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama. In order to qualify to be an SPK school, a school must first attain a national accreditation grade of “A”, and also be accredited by the respective foreign educational institution it is cooperating with, which in our case is Cambridge Assessment for International Education. SPK accredited schools should also include three compulsory local curriculum subjects in their curriculums to be offered to Indonesian students: Civics, Bahasa Indonesia and Religion. Foreign students must be offered Indonesian Studies. Furtheremore, Indonesian students studying at SPK schools are required to take the National Examinations (Ujian Megara) in addition to the internationally-based examinations. This is in accordance with the Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Permendikbud) no. 31 tahun 2014.


At present we are implementing a Home Based Learning programme to accommodate the needs of our students while the COVID-19 pandemic affects Indonesia. Our education team has prepared an evidence-based learning system to maximise the benefits of learning at home for our students.


Our teaching team is composed of highly qualified and experienced expatriate teachers and internationally – trained local teachers. Our teachers are well-prepared to educate and train students to achieve academic excellence, and also to acquire both a strong moral foundation and a passion for socially relevant extra-curricular activities.


Merlion School stresses the importance of academic excellence while at the same time maintaining a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Merlion School students are currently exposed to various activities through the Home Based Learning programme, designed to sharpen their academic, physical, emotional, and social skills.


Merlion School is unique in a number of areas. We cater for academic excellence while at the same time fostering the spiritual growth of our students. We develop their notion of humanity and compassion, and inculcate in them a desire to make a difference in the world. The body, the mind, and the spirit are all nurtured through our weekly mindfulness programme, physical and mental activities, and the guidance of our teachers.




The benefits of the Home Based Learning System at Merlion School are:

  1. Communication skills are improved
  2. Proper guidance/instruction is given
  3. The learning experience is meaningful and enjoyable
  4. More weight is given to core subjects
  5. All students are involved in the lesson



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Flexi Learning is a programme that gives children autonomy in determining their learning process. It caters to the needs of children with different learning styles based on their strengths and preferences.


Flexi Learning is concerned with the importance of education in the future, in order to facilitate the development of education 5.0. Merlion School, in collaboration with Hyouman, aims to integrate mind-set, skill-set and heart-set development by launching Merlion Flexi Learning.


Flexi Learning is open to all students who register in Merlion School, from Primary 1 to Pre-University 2.


In Flexi Learning :

  1. The student will use an individual account to access their modules and activities.
  2. The student will meet their coach online to align his/her schedule and work in accordance with their daily plan.
  3. During their independent learning time, the student will check modules and activities via the learning online platforms IXL and Tynker.
  4. The student can ask for assistance from their online tutor.
  5. In the afternoon, the student will apply the concepts they have learnt and put them into practice by working on an assigned project.


As a whole, Merlion School’s readiness for the 'new normal' will :

  1. Engage hearts and minds
  2. Result in deeper learning
  3. Provide exposure and experience for future careers
  4. Provide students with a sense of purpose
  5. Develop skills for success
  6. Develop rewarding teacher/ student relationships
  7. Encourage creativity and the use of technology


Let your future education journey begin with us!


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